About Us

The 45th parallel marks the halfway point between the equator and the North Pole. This imprint supports readers who find themselves halfway toward their reading goals. These Hi-Lo books give older struggling readers access to worlds that are beyond the boundaries set by their reading skills. 45th Parallel Press fills a distinct niche that has students, teachers, and librarians reaching for titles with confidence. “Many students with low reading skills are intellectually capable, they deserve books that honor their interests while addressing their reading abilities.” – Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan, award-winning author, Literacy Professor, and curriculum designer.


  • Books are written at grades 2-3 reading levels to engage struggling and reluctant readers
  • Titles engage students with fun and edgy content that are of particular interest to students in grades 4-8
  • Captivating content including battling warriors, survivalist hacks, urban legends, and historical heroes

“I am a big fan of your books. I’ve curated and created materials for more than a dozen years. I know how difficult it can be to write engaging texts with low readability. Struggling readers deserve quality texts that teach them about the world as they are improving their reading skills and working toward proficiency. Your books are well written and fun. They also do not fall into the trap of using very short sentences to keep the Lexile low, which is the modus operandi for so many children’s book writers.”
— Randi Bender Chief Content Officer for Reading Plus, an online reading intervention


"As First Lady of Colorado, I have been privileged to travel the state visiting schools and reading to children. Last year when the book C is for Centennial: A Colorado Alphabet was published, I was thrilled to bring it to Colorado's children. Thanks to the author Louise Doak Whitney and illustrator Helle Urban, I now have an incredible depiction of Colorado's beauty to present to our schools. Through the pages of this book our school children have been able to celebrate Colorado, its history and splendor."
—Francis Owens (Colorado's First Lady)